Whispering to yourself, “Talk to me, Goose,” before beginning a final you didn’t study for. TFM.

Pointing to a GDI and condescendingly stating, “This guy knows what I’m talking about.” TFM.

Brainstorming term paper topics the day before its due, and on the golf course. TFM.

Merrill Newman choosing commercial over flying home with Biden on Air Force Two. TFM.

Rewarding yourself with a study break for making it to the library. TFM.

Letting a big loss get to you. TFM. 

Championship couch fires at Michigan State University. TFM.

'Tis the season. TFM.

'Tis the season. TFM.

Bring it on Finals Week. TFM. 

Santa’s little helpers. TFM.